A manifestation of the pink-pitched skylights elevating the streets and artistic legacy of Jaipur, Jaysole is imbued by a sense of subtle elegance and everyday easefulness. Jaysole stands at an intriguing intersection of contemporary and classic and strikes a soulful connection between souls and soles. In a world choked with over-the-top luxury and glamour footwear, Jaysole evokes a mesmeric nostalgia through its elegant colours, designs, and utmost comfort for the beloved feet. No matter whether you prefer a conventional style or urbane, cocktail or beach, the signature footwear collection designed by The House of Aachho makes you feel like walking on clouds.

                                              Our Inspiration

The name Jaysole is inspired by the belongingness to Jaipur soles. For Jaysole, a pair of footwear is not just about feet rather it is an instrument to communicate beauty and art creatively. Each pair of Jaysole no matter it is the handcrafted mule or an exotic jutti, casual footwear or formal footwear, is an amalgamation of personalized aesthetics and unparalleled comfort.

                                                Our Story

The story of Jaysole is a collective narrative of all the craftsmen and artists who share our vision of re-inventing the quintessential art deco of vibrant vibes of “Pink City” reflecting an haute- couture twist through low-heel creations. Indeed, a luxury brand, Jaysole is a stickler for immaculate precision and offbeat designs with a global outlook. Curated by the most skilled shoemakers in avant-garde shape, each pair of Jaysole is well-fitted and embodies luxurious comfort through sleek designs embracing vivid patterns.

                                       Our Design Philosophy
Crafted from eco-friendly leather this premium footwear brand is rooted in sustainability merging science, vibrant creative touches and functional shapes. Each pair of footwear features a soft leather lining, intricate stitching and hand-picked leather sole meant to impart a perfect focal point and secure fit. Jaysole is indeed a stickler for immaculate precision and offbeat designs with a global outlook. The moderate heels, rich textures and alluring hues maintain the brand’s
sophistication but with an inimitable uncontrived spirit while promising to make a statement wherever you go.

                                               Our Tribe
Jaysole is a renaissance of timeless soulful art and craft of “Pink City”. It is designed for those who share a penchant for style while appreciating value for money. An epitome of regal craftsmanship, Jaysole is at once classic yet progressive and resonates with the contemporary woman of style and substance who is Unapologetic, Opinionated yet Feminine.

                                         Why Jaysole?
Synonymous with quality craftsmanship, each pair of Jaysole is an iconic coveted addition to your wardrobe and is a standout no matter what occasion. Sole For Souls- Jaysole is indeed a footwear of language that enunciates your soul taste while perfectly taking forward the poise of Aachho’s exquisite attires to the next level.